Mastering Inking Class Final Project

I took Yuko Shimizu’s inking class on Skillshare, and I only had the opportunity to create one practice drawing before this one, but I wanted to submit something for a final project rather than doing nothing at all. So while this drawing does not reflect well the things I learned in the class, I think there are several things I did differently in this drawing that I wouldn’t have otherwise done had I not taken the class. I tried to incorporate a lot of different textures: lace top, silky/fluffy skirt, smooth window frame, hair, etc.

About This Image

Materials Used Smooth 80lb cream-colored drawing paper, Prismacolor ink pens (0.05, 0.08, brush-tip); Faber-Castel brush tip grey markers.
Software Used Adobe Photoshop CS6 for touching up.
Time Required 6 hours across 2 days
Date Finished July 10, 2014