About This Blog

For me, as time goes on, I’ve begun to feel as if I walk through life having known what the world is like on the other side — knowing the devastation and misery of the future — while existing in the present. If you don’t quite understand what I’m trying to describe, I suppose it’s like Kyle Reese telling Sarah Connor about the future in the first Terminator movie. I see where humans are headed, and I see where the Earth is headed.


The way things are going right now, the future looks very bleak. The worst part about it all, is that much of the world is oblivious to the consequences of their actions and oblivious to the future of our civilization. Some are oblivious because of ignorance, and many are oblivious by choice. Either way, it’s as though humanity is having its one last giant party before everything goes down the drain: the human population is soaring, resources are becoming scarcer, greenhouse gases are increasing in concentration, and yet many couples continue to produce more than two children, and very rarely does anyone ever adopt orphaned children desperate for a stable family. Economic situations are tough, and people are still buying fancy TVs, eating out and spending money they don’t have. Many people are so poor that they don’t know where their next meal will come from or whether they’ll be able to pay rent, and no one wants to help them. Corporations are eating our planet and our people alive. The technologies that allow us to exist on this planet in such huge numbers are simultaneously killing the planet, and insidiously killing us too.

In my mind, I know the future is a wasteland, and I walk through the present moment in space and look around me in disbelief because no one cares. I watch as we live the last of our golden years knowing what’s coming. I’m watching as we flush our future down the toilet.

And nothing can shake this perspective because there are so many scientific and statistical facts behind this prediction. I suppose you should continue on enjoying your world as it is now because there will be nothing much left of it by the end of the century.