Why Capitalism Will Be the Death of our Planet

As I have been going through life in the last two years, I have realized something very scary about capitalism. In America, you can use as much electricity as you can pay for. You can use as much water as you can pay for. You can waste as much food as you want without consequence as long as you can afford it. You can buy plastic goods in any unregulated amount and then throw them away without recycling them with zero personal or legal consequences. We can burn as much gasoline as we like as long as we can afford it.

We even expel our waste in clean water that’s clean enough to drink.

Of course as resources become more scarce, the price goes up a bit, but not in proportion to the exponential damage our actions cause on the Earth.

This whole realization made me wonder “WHY?” Why are we allowed in this country to be wasteful without consequences? It’s because we are an unregulated capitalist society, largely without morals regarding the environment.

Many of us Americans believe that Capitalism is the most desirable economic system. As you can see, our “ideal” way of life is less than ideal. Capitalism breeds selfishness and greed and makes it absolutely unsustainable. In reality, capitalism is an extremist economic system, and any extremist way of thinking and acting is inherently detrimental to the functioning of society.