Year-Color-Shape/Texture-Prediction Synaesthesia

I have synaesthesia. My strongest type of synaesthesia is grapheme-color synaesthesia in which I sense that numbers and letters (graphemes) are inherently colored. One interesting form of synaesthesia I have involves sensing that odd numbers are spikey line shapes, and even numbers are wavy, rounded line shapes. In the case of year-numbers (e.g. 2013, 2014, etc) this gets tied into my feelings about the future. Combine the colors and line shapes and how I feel about them, and suddenly I have a feeling about how that particular year will go. I’d have to say that 2013 was a really “rocky” year for me, so in that sense, 2013 lives up to the color/shape/texture that I perceive.

For 2014, the four is the dominant number, which is orange, a color I don’t really like much. I could say the same thing for the lime green in three… I never really liked that color much, but now that 2013 has passed, and considering 2003 was a good year too, I could end up liking the number four more if 2014 goes well. So my initial feeling is that 2014 won’t be any better than 2014. However, this is where the shape/texture comes in…. given that I sense even numbers have a more rounded, wavy line shape, and given that orange is a conservative color, I get the sense that 2014 will be a grounding year for me. Here are some words that describe how I feel about 2014:

    Grounding. Establish. Solidify. Deep. Stoic. Repair.

It’ll be interesting to see how this year comes to pass.

New Year’s Resolutions

  • Don’t play the hierarchy game. I believe all people are equal, and every person deserves respect. If you play the game of “I’m better than you and other people because of what I have accomplished,” I will cease to associate myself with you.
  • Introduce myself to people on the precedent that I am STRONGLY introverted. Hopefully this will win me more acceptance from the beginning instead of waiting until their are problems and trying to explain and fix them after damage has been done.